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The history of Menorcan sandals manufacturing

Before explaining the manufacturing process, let's talk a little about History.

There are various theories about the origin of these traditional sandals from Menorca. Some of these theories about these Spanish-made sandals suggest that they were brought by the Romans to the island, while there are theories that point to the Carthaginians and, specifically, to their general Hannibal centuries before Christ.

But, leaving aside these theories, if we have to look for the original creators, the first to carry out the handmade manufacture of Menorcan avarcas, these would undoubtedly be the peasants.

It was the need for a type of resistant footwear to be able to carry out their hard-working days that led them to handcraft their first Menorcan avarcas. The manufacture was made with sackcloth and skins from livestock, recycling and reusing the materials they used at that time.

Menorcan sandals were famous to the point of being worn by King Sancho II.

The manufacturers of these sandals sewed by hand on the client's own foot; that is, the avarcas were 100% adapted to the needs of each client's foot. Completely personalized attention and work.

The craftsmanship of the avarcas is still the norm today among manufacturers, and this is perhaps the key to the success that they continue to have even in the year 2022. In this sense, a large part of the materials that were used then, they are still in use. It is true that there are innovations that have been happening over the years, but these innovations simply preserve the essence, making them even more durable.

From the outset, a properly made avarca should be a fairly heavy avarca (not excessively heavy either), largely due to its robust tire soles. The stitching must be visible, seeing the stitches are a symbol of its craftsmanship. Similarly, the rear straps should not be very hard - rather flexible - and should be well placed on the sides of the sole. And yes, they are no longer sewn on the foot of consumers, but the lasts are still special and well selected for each number.

It is very easy to differentiate an original avarca from a fake, the quality of these Spanish-made sandals is easily identifiable.

Have you ever wondered how Menorcan avarcas are made?

The craftsmanship of these sandals has passed from generation to generation, they have never stopped being fashionable. For this reason, at we want to tell you about their manufacturing process, from the moment they are conceived, through the shoe factory, until they reach your feet.

Menorcan avarcas, an artisan tradition

If this type of sandals has gone through the passage of time and has remained faithful to its origins, it is precisely thanks to the craftsmanship of its manufacture. Every detail, every touch counts in the making of these sandals.

Unlike what happens with other types of footwear, the manufacture of Menorcan avarcas sandals takes into account the quality of the materials and the care of the craftsmanship of the process. Knowing how to do is everything to obtain a quality cover.

Let's talk about the different steps of the production process.

First of all, a sketch of the model must be designed. It will be this sketch of our future sandals that will guide us and help us throughout the entire manufacturing process.

The sketch acts as an instruction in the process, since otherwise it would not be possible for the sandals to be faithful to the original idea in the end.

It is a very important part of the process., so a good designer is crucial for the success of a Menorcan avarca, both in terms of design and comfort.

Second, we must select the materials and cut the different parts. This is the most complicated part of the manufacturing process, because here the design idea begins to take physical form.

In this second part, a correct selection of materials must be taken into account, since the quality of the sandals will depend on their quality. Once selected, each of the parts will begin to be cut.

The cutting of the different parts requires great knowledge of the manufacturing process, which is why the different Menorcan factories have highly qualified workers, professionals with a long history.

Lastly, we would have the union of the different parts and the gluing of the soles. At this stage, the garment begins, the sewing of the parts with thick thread so that the avarca takes its shape. It is also in this part where the last will give the precise shape that will later fit on your foot, and where the sole will later be glued on by hand.

In the Naturals Menorca factory, we manufacture all our Menorcan sandals in a traditional way, following the know-how of the island and the artisan tradition.

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